Café de Lisboa por Almada NegreirosOne of the Lisbon’s traditions is the espresso, here known as bica. People from Lisbon like to sit down with friends at one of the many cafes in the city to chat, while drinking a coffee and tasting a sweet. There are several ways to ask for a coffee in Lisbon: carioca de café is a light version and italiana is a more intense one. For those who prefer to add milk, café pingadomeia de leite and galão are different quantities options regarding quantity, from the smallest to the largest. But what matters is the leisure time that the act of drinking coffee provides. Here we list the more well-known and the most sophisticated Lisbon’s cafes. In all of them you will find a charming spot, a great pastry and a wonderful bica!

Cafes in Lisbon

28 Café

28 Café pays homage to Lisbon’s trams. Standing just a few meters away from St. George’s Castle, Café 28 is the result of a remarkable carpentry work that replicated the 28 tram in all its glory.The construction was so careful and thorough that the smallest details were eventually incorporated in 28 Café: old tickets and […]

A Brasileira

Brasileira do Chiado is the most emblematic cafe in town and a must for anyone visiting Lisbon. Located in the cosmopolitan Rua Garrett, opposite to the Metro station in Chiado, this cafe is always full (especially with foreign visitors). A Brasileira opened in 1905, by the initiative of Adriano Telles, a Portuguese who made his […]

Amo-te Ciência

Amo-te Ciência, opened in 2013, it’s the most recent expansion of this brand, now in the easternmost part of Lisbon. Already present elsewhere in the city – as in Chiado, the Museum of Electricity and the theatre D. Maria II - Amo-te Ciência’s look is a merge between the brand’s own features and Pavilhão do Conhecimento’s own positioning. Thus the […]

Artis Wine Bar

Artis Wine Bar is a place for snacks and chats (their toasts are a must have), right in the middle of Bairro Alto. This is also where B’Artis, a bohemian place bonded with jazz music’s spirit, used to be. Luckily for us, the reconstruction kept its history and spirit in mind. The beautiful tables with […]


Artisani is an artisanal ice-cream store, where gelato is produced with natural ingredients only. It opened in 2009, by the hand and mind of Luísa Lampreia. After a first experience with a small kiosk, Artisani got big enough to go on and open several stores in Lisbon. The bet on the best natural ingredients distinguishes Artisani […]


Aura restaurant opened in March 2011, at Pátio da Galé (Terreiro do Paço). A vaulted ceiling, high windows, velvet and a Venus de Milo’s statue make this an exquisite venue. With a dining room, a lounge and a terrace, Aura gathers different environments in the same space. In the cafeteria and terrace, you can taste […]

Bar do Peixe

Bar do Peixe could be just another beach bar, but fortunately for us, it isn’t. Established since 1998 in the fishers village of Sesimbra, it became a specialist on grilling the freshest fish the Portuguese coast can offer. The wood used in its construction, make it extra cosy, making it a nice place to enjoy […]

Bistrô 19

Bistrô 19 is a well-kept secret in Cascais historic center. Hidden among one of the many narrow streets in the city center, but close to the bay, stands this blend of coffe-shop, bar and restaurant. Bistrô 19’s decoration is simple and mostly based on wooden materials, as well as dimmed lights. The ambience invites to […]

Botequim da Graça

Botequim settled inside a big building with blue tiles on its façade, in largo da Graça. Founded in 1968, by poetess Natália Correia and politician Helena Roseta, Botequim is a place closely linked to the 70′s and 80′s intellectual movement. It used to be a kind of stage for many talks and debates led by poet […]

Café da Garagem

Café da Garagem is in teatro Taborda, right in the middle of Mouraria district, and has one of the most beautiful views over the city. Through a large glass window, you can even see Graça and Senhora do Monte viewpoints, two of the highest points of Lisbon. Café da Garagem welcomes anyone looking for a […]