Praia do Rei

Praia do ReiThe Rei beach is particularly frequented by families and groups of children from camps, that can enjoy here the existing sunshades.

Located in the alignment of beaches from Costa da Caparica to here, is already far from the village, but has good infrastructure to support the beach, including surveillance and a cafe / bar on the dune. It has free parking and surveillance and sea conditions makes it an attractive place to spend a quiet day.

Of course in the summer season could become more crowded, but not as much as other beaches.


Praia da Rainha (Caparica)

Praia da Rainha - Costa da CaparicaIn line with the other beaches of Costa da Caparica, after the beach of the Riviera, the Rainha beach is a family beach.

In this case the car park is private to access the beach access and payed for the users, so it is generally easier to get parking space at the most crowded seasons.

The beach is wide and has excellent accessibility to all. It is also well known for its quality waves throughout the year. This symbiosis makes this space the perfect place to learn to surf.

Occasionally has a natural basin of salt water, great for children. It has a helipad and a restaurant / beach bar with evening entertainment.


Praia da Riviera

Praia da RivieraThe Riviera beach belongs to the whole of the beaches to south from Caparica, 7km from the center of the village. It is a long sandy beach limited by low dunes and woods behind, which are not visible from the beach. At the top of the dunes there are cafes / bars with terraces.

Parking is free (on dirt), accessible from the road connecting Caparica to other south villages. It is an excellent option in the busiest days, whereas the nearby beaches end up being more crowded.

In a relaxed and family atmosphere, here is possible to find sometimes some surfers. This beach is more tolerant to the presence of dogs.

The sea is relatively calm, however, the sandy bottom can provide excellent waves for sports such as surfing or bodyboarding.


Praia da Mata

Praia da MataAlso called as Piedense, is mostly frequented by young people and families. It is a long sandy beach with beautiful natural landscapes, integrated in the 15 kilometers of beaches in that coast line.

Like most beaches in the area, is surveilled during the summer and has free car parking, a bit chaotic at the most crowded seasons. Also has a cafe/ bars in the area. The little train that runs on top of the dune only in the summer months, strolling vacationers along the beaches can be used to get there from the village of Costa. Although the sea is generally calm, can be found  good conditions to practice Surf / Bodyboard.


Praia da Saúde

Praia da SaúdeIntegrated in the beaches of Costa da Caparica, the Saúde beach is the preferred destination for the camping area users next by its side. It is the first from the beaches of Costa da Caparica that extends beyond the village. As almost all in this coastline, is monitored during the summer and has ample free parking and coffee / bar. The landscape is typically characterized by the old fishermen’s houses right on top of the dunes.

Access is by car, heading South from the Village or taking advantage of the little train that runs through this line of coast in the summer months. The sea is somewhat inconsistent, but usually offers good conditions for lovers of sea sports