Lisbon OverviewLisbon is a city open to the World.

Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Tagus River, this city of unusual blue skies, temperate climate and unique silvery light, is the capital of a country that has marked its presence across the Globe, a country full of tradition and rich in innovation, the face of a continent in the words of the renowned Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa.

To Lisbon came Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Muslims and Christians, but its origin and occupation dates back to thousands of years, by peoples whose names were lost in time. The city has expanded in stages over centuries, occupying bit by bit the legendary seven hills that make up its original core.

Lisbon’s neighbourhoods, each with its own livelihood and evolution in time, tell the story of centuries, events and lives past, but it is truly from the 18th century onwards, with the infamous 1755 earthquake, that the innovative and current city plan begins to take form. Nowadays, Lisbon is a timeless and cosmopolitan place.

Innovative architecture stands alongside recovered old buildings, reformed in order to maintain its original characteristics. Hospitable traditional neighbourhoods mesh old customs and new, brought by emigrants from all continents, into a multicultural space of unique character.

Tradition and history blend with cultural avant-garde, offering a stunning variety of experiences and ambiances that resonate at the same time familiar and uncommon to the visitor. Lisbon is unique, special and unforgettable. Lisbon is simply unmissable.

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