LARGO Residências – Intendente renewed

The city of Lisbon is being revitalized each day and the Intendente Square is another corner of the city that now has a new dynamic. After years of neglected maintenance in this area, situated in the valley of Avenida Almirante Reis, between Graça and Pena city districts, was rehabilitated and now boosted with the project LARGO Residencies,source of the partnership between SOU (a socio-urban association in Anjos and Intendente area) and BIP-ZIP (a workgroup of Housing and Social Development Department of the Lisbon City Hall). The artistic residencies LARGO main aim is to promote the culture, creativity and knowledge of the processes of urban regeneration and social conditions by providing research, creation and maturation of artistic works in the areas of anthropology, sociology, psychology, architecture, among others.

Are welcomed and produced works based on a fully rehabilitated building also located in the same square, whose base of inspiration will be the actual site of the project (Intendente), heritage, history, people, communities and institutions. In the same building and with the artistic residencies (No.19 in that Square) coexists touristic residences giving economical sustainability to the project and providing exchange of experiences, knowledge and culture. The schedule of events is constantly being updated, becoming part of the city’s cultural calendar and for the month of July including performances of opera, jazz, rock and events on Friday and Saturday nights. Will also be featured exhibits, activities for children and also commercial markets throughout the day. For more information, see the official facebook page of LARGO Residencies.