Lighthouse Museum of Santa Marta

Rua do Farol de Santa Marta
2750-341 Cascais
214 815 328
10h00 - 17h00
Getting here:
Subway / Train
COMBOIO: Cascais

Farol de Santa MartaThe Lighthouse Museum of Santa Marta is located in Cascais, near the marina, on a place of great beauty. It was in 1868 that the 17th century military fort was added with a lighthouse, which mechanism was automated in 1981 and dispensed the constant presence of the lighthouse keeper.

In 2007 it was transformed into the current cultural space, although, maintaining the original functions of coastal signalling (under the tutelage of the Portuguese Navy).

Farol de Santa MartaThe architectural project is from Francisco and Manuel Aires Mateus, having been the adaptation works mainly focused in the old residences of the lighthouse keepers and on the platforms overlooking the sea (where the lighthouse is located). It gave rise to 2 exhibition spaces, an auditorium, a documentation centre and a cafeteria.

The visit offers an interesting journey to the universe of lighthouses, under 3 aspects:

1- History, Heritage, Science and Technology of the Lighthouses: shows the history of Portuguese Lighthouses over the time.

Farol de Santa Marta2- The Santa Marta Lighthouse and Fort: tells the stories of this fort/lighthouse and describes the precious work of the lighthouse keeper.

3- The Lighthouses in the Arts: in the auditorium is shown the film/documentary “Lighthouses of Portugal, Five Centuries of History”.

The Lighthouse Museum of Santa Marta also has a nice cafeteria with a terrace offering magnificent views.

Opening hours: From Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00am to 5.00pm.