Frade dos Mares

Avenida Dom Carlos I, 55-A
1200-647 Lisboa
213 909 418
15€ - 30€
Lunch: 12h00 - 15h00
Dinner: 20h00 - 23h30

Frade dos MaresSomething that is quite unusual about the Frade dos Mares (“the Seas’ Friar”) restaurant is that you need to ring the bell to enter. Inside you will find a quiet and cosy space designed for lovers of sophisticated Portuguese cuisine. The owner, Joaquim Chaves Jorge (Quim Jó to friends), is passionate about deep sea fishing and likes to serve the best fish and seafood to his customers. There are a few dishes that particularly stand out: salmon with a tangerine and lemon sauce, fried pieces of octopus with barnacle rice or robalo (common snook fish) fish puff pastry with a crab sauce. The restaurant also serves meat and vegetarian dishes. For dessert, the petit gâteau served with ice cream is very popular among customers.

Frade dos MaresFor lunch there are also interesting dishes of the day available (for a reasonable price) such as a chicken risotto or lagareiro style squid (grilled squid generously dressed with extra virgin olive oil). From time to time, Frade dos Mares holds “dinner tasting” evenings where they carefully select a list of wines – normally promoting one particular brand – to accompany the specially prepared meal. Frade dos Mares still allows smoking, which is obviously an advantage for some and an annoyance for others. Either way, the smoke extraction system works well. To park, there is an underground car park 165 feet away in largo Vitorino Damásio located in the Santos neighbourhood. This restaurant is closed for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays.