Rua Garrett, 19
1200-203 Lisboa
213 421 500
15€ - 30€
Schedule: 12h30 - 23h00

MEZZOgiornoThe MEZZOgiorno (a word that indicates the region of southern Italy) pizzeria was founded in 2004 by two Italians, who more recently added to it the InterMEZZO, a cocktail bar. The cuisine is Italian, with a Neapolitan identity, which is evident in the fresh mozzarella (imported weekly from Italy) and other southern Italy’s typical products. It is, however, in the middle of Chiado that all this happens, in a Siza Vieira’s (a famous Portuguese architect) redesigned interior courtyard. The variety of pizzas, cooked according to tradition in a wood-heated oven, is ample and the available options try to satisfy all the tastes. You can also design a pizza to your liking, using the available ingredients with versatility.

MEZZOgiornoIn addition to pizzas, noteworthy are the sausage Cilento style and a wide variety of pastas, always including a dish of the day. One of the great MEZZOgiorno’s attractions is its huge terrace, sheltered by the buildings that surround it. This space hosts many people and during summer it is usual to have to wait a few minutes for an empty table, because the demand is great. Inside, you can choose to sit next to the wood ovens located in the basement, a nice option especially on cold winter days, which also allows you to get distracted by the pizzaiolos’ bustle in the kitchen. Pizzeria MEZZOgiorno reserves one of its rooms for smokers and it is closed on Sundays.