Oito Dezoito

Rua de São Nicolau, 114
1100-550 Lisboa
961 330 226
15€ - 30€
Schedule: 9h00 - 2h00

Restaurante Oito DezoitoThe restaurant Oito Dezoito was born associated with a newspaper, in its case the weekly Sol (Sun in Portuguese), whose editorial staff works on the upper floors. Opened in June 2011, its name results from the time it takes for the Sun’s light to traverse space until it reaches the Earth (just eight minutes and 18 seconds). Located at the centre of downtown Lisbon, it is a modern and sophisticated site, which serves lunches, dinners and even a breakfast’s buffet. It is well suited to business lunches, but also to more informal style gatherings. The Oito Dezoito even bets in the wine bars trend, with an enlarged wine’s cellar, which may be accompanied by snacks.

Restaurante Oito DezoitoFor breakfast, there is a combination of eggs, croissants, juices, fruits and yogurts. At lunch is available a daily menu (a soup and a main dish at reasonable prices), but there are also other offers in the fixed menu. The wine bar concept is more present between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., offering a relaxing atmosphere with cocktails, wine by the glass, tapas (appetizers) and cheeses. At dinner, there is a varied and creative menu. The peas risotto with roasted scallops and ginger scent or the supreme half cured codfish served with a beans and broccoli mousse, illustrate well the type of cuisine offered in this place. The Oito Dezoito is closed on Sundays and also serves as a venue for events and exhibitions promoted by the anchoring newspaper.