Olivier Avenida

Hotel Tivoli Jardim Rua Júlio César Machado, nº 7
1250-135 Lisboa
213 174 105
International/Contemporary Restaurants
Lunch: 13h00 - 15h30
Dinner: 20h00 - 1h00

Olivier AvenidaOlivier Avenida is the third restaurant founded by Portuguese chef Olivier Costa. After exploring gourmet cuisine with Olivier, near Bairro Alto, and Japanese fusion with Yakuza, at Teatro Tivoli, this young chef has now launched his third project.

The idea behind his latest endeavour is to redefine what we call a light meal, disconnecting it from a fast food, fast everything state of mind. Food lovers have reacted enthusiastically, making sure few tables are free, especially at dinner, even if the prices are not those normally associated with light meals.

Olivier AnevidaBeautiful interiors and the light coming from outside give these dining rooms a truly cosmopolitan vibe, creating a mood set to be thoroughly enjoyed. Some of the most popular dishes include the homarus risotto, the tender kobe cheeseburger, or the tenderloin with sauce à la Olivier.

Over by the counter, you can also taste some premium snacks, equally bent on sophisticated use of ingredients and an eye-catching presentation.

Closed on saturday lunch and sundays.