Rua das Janelas Verdes, 96
1200-692 Lisboa

213 975 401
15€ - 30€
Lunch: 12h30 - 15h00
Dinner: 19h30 - 01h00

Picanha das Janelas VerdesAt rua das Janelas Verdes, near the Museum of Ancient Art, there is an arc, which is indeed a door and inside it you can see eighteenth century tiles decorating the walls. Inside, it is a Brazilian spirit that cheers the tables of the Picanha das Janelas Verdes restaurant. The Brazilian barbecue is what brings visitors to this simple and informal space. Here, the service is exclusively organized around three varieties of picanha (the best cut of beef), served in a rodízio (eat-all-you-can) style. The first version is the traditional, the second is the light one and the third came from the sea. The traditional steak, ​​properly sliced, is served with rice, baked potatoes with oregano and cheese sauce, beans, manioc flour, salad and a variety of sauces that accentuate the meat flavours. In the light picanha, the fat has been removed from the meat and it’s served upon arugula and fresh cheese.

Picanha das Janelas VerdesThe sea’s picanha results from a grilled grouper, also accompanied by roasted potatoes and salad. While waiting for the picanha, drink a caipirinha made ​​with Barreiro Velho cachaça (rum) or one caipiroska made ​​with vodka and have it with some typical entries: pão de queijo (small cheese bread) and baked sausage. At Picanha das Janelas Verdes, the desserts are predominantly Brazilian: quindim (a coconut dessert), passion fruit pie and mango bavaroise. As the two rooms are relatively small, it is advisable to book in advance. As parking the car is difficult around the area, you can use the underground park at largo Vitorino Damásio.