Taberna Ideal

Rua da Esperança, 112-114
1200-658 Lisboa
213 962 744
15€ - 30€
Dinner: 19h00 - 02h00

Taberna IdealVisiting Taberna Ideal is without doubt a truly Portuguese experience. Located on rua da Esperança, in the Santos district, the Taberna is a uniquely decorated relaxed and comfortable space, designed by owners Tânia Martins and Susana Felicidade. It not only reflects the old taverns but also grandparents’ homes. Its room allows smoking but the doors and windows are left open to make the room light. The food is traditionally Portuguese, designed by chef Susana Felicidade, with influences from the southern region of Portugal, where she was born. Tânia selects the wines from Portuguese productions which are available by the glass.

Taberna IdealThe menu is displayed on a huge slate on the wall. Some examples of what can be sampled here are the tiborna (a bread made snack from the southern Portugal) with goat cheese, honey and rosemary, scrambled eggs with sausage, the lobster xérem (corn starch). This menu is what is recommended for a meal for two: one tiborna, a snack and a main dish to share. Desserts such as chocolate mousse with arbutus, the orange’s delight or pear gratin are also made to share because you will want to taste all of them. Taberna Ideal is open only for dinners (from Wednesday to Sundays), but also serves lunches on Sundays, from 1:30 pm. As it is difficult to get a table in a room with only 37 seats, reservations are mandatory. Parking in the area is difficult, but there is a car park nearby at largo Vitorino Damásio. Please be aware that this restaurant does not accept debit or credit cards.