Tacho à Mesa by Faz Gostos

Rua Nova da Trindade, 11K
1200-301 Lisboa
213 472 249
15€ - 30€
Schedule: 11h00 - 01h00

The name Tacho à Mesa by Faz Gostos LX, located in the old Trindade covenant, might strange at first, but easily understood once you visit it. Originally created in Olhão (Algarve), the restaurant came to Lisbon in 2010 as an extension of the original restaurant. In 2013, the concept “pan on the table” was put to work, bringing the prices down and inflecting to a younger environment. With Duval Pestana in the kitchen, Portuguese recipes are a natural highlight, in a place that took a wall and 18th century tiles as differentiate decorative elements. This restaurant closes on Sundays.

Tacho à Mesa’s menu is filled with great dishes, thus making it hard to opt between fricassee shrimps or lamb carré. Appetizers like tomatada (spiced tomato sauce with onions) – which chef Duval grants to be his grandmother’s recipe – only enhance the home-like experience in this restaurante. The wine-lovers will feel at home in Tacho à Mesa by Faz Gostos, since its card has more than two hundred entries, both national and international, promoting the discovery of new flavours and aromas. Tacho à Mesa also has a place for smokers.