Vela Latina

Doca do Bom Sucesso, Belém
1400-038 Lisboa
213 017 118

Vela LatinaFor over twenty years, Vela Latina (Latin Sail) has maintained a steady clientele that ranges from tourists looking for something to drink while resting on an outdoor table to businessmen interested in fine dining.

The restaurant slash café is good at satisfying both targets, capitalizing on its excellent location, close to Torre de Belém and its green surroundings with the river right next to you. From 8am to 8 pm, more casual customers have the self-service cafeteria and other shopping facilities, with a wide range of pastry, drinks, light meals and ice cream.

Vela LatinaInside the restaurant, a wide range of gourmet meals is available to anyone willing to spend a bit more money.

Finding a table might be difficult at times, but you can go ahead and make a reservation by phone or online. Once you’re seated, browse carefully through the list of dishes, of which the cod with maize breadcrumbs or the grilled leg of lamb, accompanied with gratinate potatoes and green peas purée, are fine examples.

For dessert, don’t forget to try the house’s own Valhrona chocolate mousse.