Roman Theatre Ruins

Pátio do Aljube - Lisboa
1100-059 Lisboa
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The Roman Theatre of Lisbon ruins offer a vision of the ancient Roman city of Olisipo Felicitas Julia, a port town from where left the riches of the province of Lusitania had to offer to the Empire of the time, namely salt, metals and agricultural products, as well as fish preserves and the renowned garum, a fish sauce manufactured in the city itself and widely used in the culinary of its day.

Roman culture

But the proven existence of a theater in the ancient city is testimony to the Romanization of the current Portuguese land and capital city. Theatres and other equipments, such as bathhouses and thermal baths were built with the purpose of spreading the Roman culture and way of life, and it is not hard to imagine represented at this Theatre the great classics of Plautus and Seneca. The recovery of the old Theater area, discovered as far back as the 18th century and whose archaeological exploration began in the late sixties of the 20th century, was mainly led by Lisbon’s City Hall. The Museum opened already in this millennium, as a Centre for the understanding of Roman Lisbon, to this day still dormant in the underground of newer buildings in this part of the city.

Useful information

You can arrive to this Museum on foot, going up from Augusta Street and passing by Lisbon See, in a short steep walk. Alternatively, tram 28 is the most enjoyable way to climb the slope, and you can also use the buses that serve the area.