Restaurantes de LisboaLisbon is a cosmopolitan city, with a huge and diverse offering of restaurants. Here you can find traditional restaurants that offer typical and economic meals, alongside with sophisticated restaurants specialized in fusion cuisine. In recent years, renowned chefs have opened their own restaurants, where they practice a signature cuisine. There are also dozens of Brazilian, Italian and Japanese restaurants, all of them very appreciated by locals. Vegetarian restaurants are a growing niche. And the recreations of old taverns are also in vogue. This guide describes the most reputable, iconic and innovative Lisbon’s restaurants, presenting you locations, contacts, schedules and prices. It also allows you to make online reservations and take advantage of special promotions!
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Restaurants in Lisbon

100 Maneiras

100 Maneiras is the name Bosnian chef Ljubomir Stanisic’s chose for its restaurant in Bairro Alto. In here, all chips are on market cuisine, which favours fresh ingredients from mercado da Ribeira. 100 Maneiras only serves dinners and hasn’t any à la carte options, so an early reservation is advised. Thus, every night it offers a daily tasting menu, with ten […]

1300 Taberna

1300 Taberna restaurant is located in Lx Factory. It was founded by chef Nuno Barros and combines both sophistication and simplicity. Focusing on tradition, chef Barros creates mostly Portuguese dishes, always respecting its integrity and roots. 1300 Taberna’s inside room is divided in two distinct areas, ideal for group meals, eating alone or with someone else. […]

151 One Five One

151 One Five One is a restaurant in Bairro Alto (precisely on the door 151 of rua da Rosa, one of the busiest in this nocturnal neighbourhood) that dedicates exclusively to the Portuguese traditional snacks (petiscos, as they are called in Portuguese). Run by chef Fernando Telles (a Brazilian living in Portugal since 2005), 151 restaurant […]

2 à Esquina

The name says it all: 2 à Esquina (meaning two at the corner) is a restaurant that stands in the street corner between rua Capitão Renato Batista and rua Nova do Desterro. Founded by Elisabete Guilherme and José Sousa, it’s closed during lunch time on Saturdays and Sundays. In here, sophistication holds hands with a […]

31 da Armada

31 da Armada is a restaurant on Armada square (halfway between Alcântara and Estrela districts) and it is easily recognisable for the façade covered with eye-catching bougainvilleas. It is divided into three rooms, all cosily decorated with old tiles. There’s a bigger room for large groups, while the other two are thought for small groups […]

A Casa do Bacalhau

A Casa do Bacalhau stands inside an old palace in which, even today, noble descendants still inhabit. But there’s something else enjoying noble treatment here: codfish, who’s the absolute king on A Casa do Bacalhau menu. In a total of 25 dishes, codfish is cooked according to traditional roots, but with a bold, contemporary twist. […]

A Leitaria Gourmet

A Leitaria Gourmet is a restaurant in Parque das Nações, the easternmost region of Lisbon. Here, the appeal lies on the modern and sober decoration, which creates a harmonic contrast with the rustical flavours of its menu. The headmaster is chef grandma Loren, the main responsible for keeping a homemade flavor and looks of this […]

A Peixaria

If you’re looking for fresh fish, go no further than A Peixaria. This restaurant in Parque das Nações (the easternmost region of Lisbon) gets a daily supply that arrives in the early morning, coming from the fishing ports of Setúbal, Sesimbra e Peniche. One of the most pleasant features is the view, since it allows […]

A Travessa

A Travessa is a restaurant settled in the middle of Madragoa, one of the most typical neighbourhoods in Lisbon. You can find it inside convento das Bernardas, also where the Puppet Museum is. In A Travessa, all the dishes are inspired by belgian cook traditions, since the owner, Vivianne Durieu, was born there. This restaurant […]

Adega da Tia Matilde

Adega da Tia Matilde’s history begins in 1920, as a neighbourhood tavern. The cook’s name was Matilde and her traditionally Portuguese snacks eventually made this house famous. Nowadays, this is a mandatory stop and that’s due to senhor Emílio Andrade, who adopted Matilde’s recipes and still serves her snacks. In Adega da Tia Matilde, the […]