Arco Triunfal da Rua AugustaLisbon is a city full of history and entertainment, as the result of diverse but deeply linked cultural influences and lifestyles. These itineraries are pre-defined programs that allow the visitor to get to know a couple of Lisbon’s areas, cultural styles or commercial spaces. They are a organized selection of the best that Lisbon has to offer, making life easier and helping manage the time of those who want to enjoy a stroll around the city. Check what can be known in the town and prepare yourself to go further (or faster) with the help of these suggestions. You can choose between itineraries that show you the monuments and culture of Lisbon or those that simply help you find specific restaurants and specialty shops.


Lisbon aboard the 28 Tram

The 28 Tram was born in 1914 and up to this day it grew up to be a true icon of Lisbon, reproduced in several book covers and millions of photographs. In the beginning of the 20th century, its original itinerary was shorter than today, covering the short distance between praça Luís de Camões and […]

Lisbon best tours

History has it that the legendary greek character Ulysses, while on one of his legendary trips, stopped in Lisbon and claimed these lands as his, thus calling it Olissipo. More than 2000 years later, we know that this story is nothing more than a founding myth, but Lisbon’s true and real history is well visible. […]

Best restaurants in Chiado

Chiado is the show window of Lisbon: here, shops and restaurants keep flourishing in a merge of styles that overtakes borders and pleases every taste. We prepared this guide with some of the hottest spots in downtown Lisbon to facilitate your choices. Thus, we recommend to look out for Fábulas and its unique terrace. Inside, […]

Guide to the terraces and coffeeshops of Lisbon

Lisbon is the perfect place to spend the whole year in both coffee shops and terraces. The city is full of unique places to enjoy the almost permanent good weather, while you gather your breath or have a cold drink. Through this guide, you’ll find a fine selection of the best coffee shops and terraces, […]

Romantic escapade in Lisbon

In Lisbon, love is in the air. It’s in the buildings’ charm, in the beauty of the streets, in the grace of the portuguese pavement or in the joy of light. You could spend hours telling you why Lisbon is the perfect city for a romantic escapade, but it’s better if every couple check for […]

Restaurant’s guide for group dinners in Lisbon

Birthday, bachelor parties, school dinners, family meetings… All these situations suppose gatherings which, at some point, are done around a table. Nowadays, many restaurants have menus thought exclusively for groups, offering one (or more) courses and drinks for a fixed price. To make your choice easier, we prepared a restaurant guide for groups in Lisbon. […]

Gourmet restaurants’ guide to Lisbon

In Lisbon, just like Portugal, there’s a long standing tradition of eating well. The portuguese capital is a gastronomical laboratory, with a foot set on tradition and another set on innovation. The city’s restaurants walk on everybody’s lips and flaunt deserved Michelin stars and other distinctions. Getting to know them is also getting to know […]

Lisbon family friendly

Lisbon is an increasingly suitable city for parents and their children. The offering of family oriented programs and spots – either locals or visitors – gets bigger and wider every year and some places are exclusively open to welcome them. On the other hand, this is a secure city, where everyone can walk and wander […]

Best italian restaurants in Lisbon

Lisboa is a growing melting pot and the gastronomical diversity we find on the streets is a good example of that. Of course, Portuguese restaurants prevail, but such culinary expressions as Italian cuisine have been able to found its own space within the Portuguese capital. Either by the similarities with Portugal’s cuisine, or by the […]

The taverns guide to Lisbon

Lisbon’s taverns: let’s start by defining what we exactly mean by tavern (tasca). The concept can be explained like this: a tasca is a typical Portuguese restaurant with good food, low or very reasonably priced, decorated in an old-fashioned way. Lisbon has many taverns; some of them iconic and known by the majority. However, some […]